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Creating community together

The Peer to Community (P2C) program is about helping people find belonging in their communities following homelessness using a strengths-based approach and the support of peer support specialists and occupational therapy

Peer to Community Model

What is the P2C program?

The P2C program was co-designed by persons with lived experiences of being unhoused, researchers, service providers and community leaders in Kingston and London, ON. This program was developed to respond to gaps in support for individuals who live with mental illness and substance use disorders after leaving homelessness that were identified in the Transition from Homelessness Study. The P2C program and the study that provided a foundation for it were funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. A pilot study is currently underway in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of this pilot study is to determine whether the P2C program can be implemented, whether it is acceptable to persons with lived experiences of homelessness and mental illness and substance use disorders, and how it may need to be refined in the future.

What we do

After leaving shelters, encampments and the street, many individuals describe being disconnected from their previous social networks, and as a result, feeling excessively lonely, bored, and underoccupied. The P2C program is aimed at helping people to find inroads into community following homelessness through relationship building and participation in activities that are meaningful.

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