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Our Team.

The P2C program is not possible without many great people. Check them out below!

P2C Program Staff

Research Team


Principal Investigator

Dr. Carrie Anne Marshall

Dr. Marshall is an an assistant professor and director of the social justice in mental health research lab in the School of Occupational Therapy at Western University in London, ON, Canada.

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Dr. Cheryl Forchuk

Dr. Cheryl Forchuk is the Interim Scientific Director for Parkwood Institute Research; a Distinguished University Professor at Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing (Western University); and Scientist and Assistant Director at Lawson Health Research Institute. Dr. Forchuk’s research interests lie in the area of mental health, in particular the development and testing of supportive models of care. Dr. Forchuk’s research explores therapeutic relationships, and explores systems issues related to mental health care including implementation of the transitional discharge model, housing/homelessness issues, poverty, community integration and the use of technology in mental health. 

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    Dr. Debbie Laliberte Rudman

    Dr. Laliberte Rudman

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    Research Coordinator

    Corinna Easton

    Corinna Easton is an Occupational Therapist and PhD candidate in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Western University. Corinna has been involved as a research assistant on many projects in the Social Justice in Mental Health Lab including the transition from homelessness study and currently supports the Peer 2 Community model as a research coordinator.

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    Dr. Abe Oudshoorn

    Abe Oudshoorn is an Associate Professor and Associate Director (Graduate Programs) at The Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University and the Arthur Labatt Family Chair in Nursing Leadership in Health Equity. Professor Oudshoorn’s research informs health and social systems and builds health equity to support housing stability for vulnerable populations.

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    Dr. Nadine Wathen

    Nadine Wathen, PhD, FCAHS is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Mobilizing Knowledge on Gender-Based Violence in the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing at Western University, and Academic Director of the Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion. 

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    Dr. Rosemary Lysaught

    Rosemary Lysaght, PhD, is Professor Emerita in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

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      Research Assistant

      Julia Holmes

      Julia Holmes is an Occupational Therapist and Research Assistant with the Social Justice in Mental Health Research Lab at Western University. She has been involved in several research projects related to mental illness, poverty, homelessness, accessibility and the impact of meaningful activity on mental health and wellbeing. She is currently involved in the peer 2 community model as a research assistant.  

        Community Advisory Board

        Lived Experience Consultants

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