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Thank you for your interest in "At Least Five Ways", a campaign aimed at engaging youth and young adults in raising awareness around the stigma of living without a home. By reducing the stigma of homelessness, we can promote open and accepting communities for individuals who have been denied the right to housing. 

What is this initiative all about?

This campaign is funded by the Ministry of Ontario Colleges and Universities, and is designed to engage youth and young adults in activities that relate to research led by Ontario researchers. This initiative is related to a project led by Dr. Carrie Anne Marshall at Western University, on a new program called the "Peer to Community (P2C)" model (described on this website here), an approach designed to help individuals to integrate in their communities following homelessness. 

What is "At Least Five Ways" campaign?

This campaign is designed to raise awareness and generate ideas for reducing the stigma of homelessness in Canada and beyond.

What does participating involve?

Every May, Ontario youth and young adults will be invited to submit videos of 2-5 minutes identifying "At Least Five Ways" that we can reduce the stigma of homelessness in Canadian communities. The videos will be posted on the P2C website and circulated on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X for a one-month period in June. Members of the general public will be encouraged to like and share the videos to reach the largest possible audience. These videos will be displayed from June 1 - June 30. After this one-month period, the videos will be reviewed by a panel of five individuals with lived experiences of homelessness, who will select a winning video annually. 

When will the campaign begin and end?

In 2024, we will ask that videos are submitted by June 30, 2024. The videos will be actively circulated in July, 2024 on social media and the Peer to Community (P2C) website.

Who is eligible to submit a video?

Youth and young adults aged 16-30 who reside in Ontario will be eligible to submit a video. Videos can be submitted by teams or individuals. When submitting a video, youth and young adults will need to attest that they are between 16-30, and will be required to provide personal contact information. Any individuals who have been identified as over the age of 30 or residing outside of Ontario will be disqualified from participation. 

What kind of video can be submitted?

We ask that only animated videos (including cartoons, or videos that include moving stock images) to be submitted to protect the privacy of individuals who may appear in the videos. There are multiple programs that can be used to create such videos at no cost, including: 


Adobe Express




Videos that contain personal information about people that could place them at risk will be either disqualified, or the creators will be asked to edit this information out of the video prior to consideration.

What will the winner receive?

The winning video will be highlighted on this website and our social media pages. The winning individual or team creator will receive a $200 award and a certificate acknowledging their contributions to reducing the stigma of homelessness in our communities.

Where can I submit my video?

When you are prepared to submit your video, click on this link:

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact us at:

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